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The structure is situated within the territory of “Ortiamo”. Our guest can take part in the project, carrying out their own garden or attending courses in horticulture and cooking.
Moreover, the Country House “Villa degli Orti” gives you the change to spend hours of rest and relaxation while walking on foot or by bike in the woods and in the surrounding hills.
1 km away, you can visit the small town of Acqualagna for food shopping, especially the truffle, or visit the beautiful “Gola del Furlo” (Natural Reserve).
At 8 Km away you can find the town of Cagli, where you can visit the Tower, the theatre or go to monasteriers and churches. In the good season, you can simply reach the main square for an aperitif, waiting for the evening events and festivals that characterize this city.

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If you want to move a few kilometres, you can reach the many beauties of the province of Pesaro-Urbino, with many cities to visit for both their artistic heritage and landscaping, including Urbino, Pesaro, Fano and numerous Parks-natural Reserves.

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